Salud con estética


Dental aesthetics follow patterns of symmetry and harmony between teeth, gums, lips, etc. With advances in dental materials and techniques, patients can now be offered excellent treatment options. These result in a natural smile and imperceptible restorations, as well as treatments that improve the appearance of your teeth and smile in general.

Composite fillings

Once a decay or an old filling is removed, a resistant and tooth-colored filling material is placed that will not be evident to the naked eye.

Ceramic inlays

They are placed when the size of the cavity is very large and it is preferred to manufacture it in the laboratory and then paste it on the tooth.

Ceramic veneers

They are thin ceramic lamellae that are placed in the previous pieces, they are used to correct defects in the enamel, spots or pieces with a slight bad position. This is a quick solution to achieve aesthetic, fast and surprising results without long treatments.

Dental whitening

It is the change to a lighter color of the teeth by applying a whitening agent under the supervision of the dentist.




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